001 - How Now Velvet Cow? - Valpo Velvet

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Monroe St, Valparaiso, IN, US

Your ice cream is so good, you should take a bow.

You have so much to see along your wall,

murals of dairy products big and small.

There's even a snagthetag hidden nearby,

for you to spy with your little eye.

A cow is not what you seek,

but a dog instead that cannot speak.

Once you spot him, look below.

Then snag the tag and go go go!

Please make sure to log on the snagthetag site once you have found the tag as there is only one to be found at this location. Also, please take the entire container with you, It is for you to keep. To redeem your tag, you will need to attend the Summerstock V (GC829PA) geocaching event on June 22nd between 11am and 3pm BRING THE TAG WITH YOU TO REDEEM THE COIN!!


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check_circle 1 year 7 months ago

Woo hoo! The little cacher and I saw this pop up right around the time we were waking up and thought we had a good chance. He even skipped breakfast and I skipped my morning coffee!


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