004 - Home on the Range - Bailly Homestead

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Howe Rd, Porter, IN, US

For those in Porter County, Indiana, Bailly Homestead is well known. Scores of local school children come here on field trips to learn about local history. A beautiful place to go on a nice hike, it also a great place to snag a tag in order to earn yourself a Summerstock geocoin. To find the tag, you must find your way to the Bailly Home. Once you've found the old house, you can begin your search.

Now if I may make a suggestion, I would concentrate your search somewhere near the building to right of the house. If I could make just one more suggestion, it would be to concentrate your search near the base of the Southwestern corner of that building. But hey, these are only suggestions. Look wherever your heart and your little toesies take you.

Happy hunting!

Please make sure to log on the snagthetag site once you have found the tag as there is only one to be found at this location. Also, please take the entire container with you, It is for you to keep. To redeem your tag, you will need to attend the Summerstock V (GC829PA) geocaching event on June 22nd between 11am and 3pm



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check_circle 1 year 6 months ago

So I’m at The Speedway, gassing up for a day trip to Chicago and I realize it’s 6am, check the email, check it again! It can’t be!! I’m 15 minutes away!! Tell Muggle Judy we have to make a little detour, she shakes her head, off we go! I love this place, now I love it more! Snagged the tag!! See you at Summerstock! This never happens to me!! Off to Chicago!!


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