005 - The Beacon - Lighthouse

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W 138th Ln, Cedar Lake, IN, US

Nestled on the shores of Cedar Lake, this landmark Restaurant surrounds diners by windows so they can enjoy the scenery of the woods and the water while savoring cuisine that is found nowhere else in the region.

The facility features two floors for a combined total of 11,600 square feet bringing residents of Northwest Indiana an enhancement of the beauty of Cedar Lake.

Like the wind in a sail, snagging this tag should be a breeze. Lampskirt in the souteast lot. Ya better set sail if you want to prevail. Good Luck!!

Please make sure to log on the snagthetag site once you have found the tag as there is only one to be found at this location. Also, please take the entire container with you, It is for you to keep. To redeem your tag, you will need to attend the Summerstock V (GC829PA) geocaching event on June 22nd between 11am and 3pm BRING THE TAG WITH YOU TO REDEEM THE COIN!!


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AThrilloftheHunt and I were in Joliet, Illinois enjoying donuts at our favourite little donut shop when we noticed the notification for this tag. Hmmm... should we even try? Well, sure, why not?!? We set sail. Pulled into port an hour later and, lo and behold, the tag was there waiting for us! Suh-weet! Can't wait to see you all at Summerstock!!!


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